The Graduate Institute of Development Studies (GIDS) was established in 2012 by the Lahore School of Economics to stimulate an interdisciplinary approach to development policy and practice that would promote equitable and sustainable development in a period of rapid globalization and technological change. It aims to address the pressing concerns that have arisen as the development process has unfolded in the developing world, including Pakistan.

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Graduate Teaching Program

The two-year teaching program at GIDS leads to an MPhil degree in development studies. It aims to help students shape their thinking on development issues, equipping them with a broad lens with which to study the complexities of the development process.

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Research is fundamental to activities at GIDS. The research programme is organized around a number of contemporary themes on critical issues of economic and social change. It incorporates and focuses on key areas of concern to enable effective engagement with current debates and issues germane to development. Currently, the areas of research at GIDS are Gender and the Labour Market, and Remittances and the Pakistani Diaspora.

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Pakistans Economic Challenges:
Taking Advantage of the Digital Economy
Host: Dr. Rashid Amjad
Guest: Mr. Aezaz Hussain

Tariff Reforms with Special Reference to Auto Sector
Host: Dr. Rashid Amjad
Guest: Dr. Manzoor Ahmad