The Graduate Institute of Development Studies (GIDS) was established in 2012 by the Lahore School of Economics to stimulate an interdisciplinary approach to development policy and practice that would promote equitable and sustainable development in a period of rapid globalization and technological change. It aims to address the pressing concerns that have arisen as the development process has unfolded in the developing world, including Pakistan.

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  1. ►  Canals, colonies and class: British policy in the Punjab 1880-1940 by Dr. Fareeha Zafar Read more
  2. ► "Reforms in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas" By Mr. Khalid Aziz Read more
  3. ► "Lahore Fragments: Colonial Contradictions and their afterlife" DR. SHAHNAZ ROUSE, Professor of Sociology, Sarah Lawrence College, New York Read more
  4. ► “Pakistan and the Rise of the South”, lecture by Mr Khalid Malik, special advisor UNDP Africa Read more
  5. ► Meeting with Dr. Shigemochi Hirashima Professor Emeritus, GIDS, Lahore School of Economics Read more

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Pakistan's Economic Challenges:
Taking Advantage of the Digital Economy
Host: Dr. Rashid Amjad
Guest: Mr. Aezaz Hussain

Tariff Reforms with Special Reference to Auto Sector
Host: Dr. Rashid Amjad
Guest: Dr. Manzoor Ahmad


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Energiewende and 'renewable' potential of Pakistan
By: Muhammad Atif Ilyas

The Burden of Thirst
By: Muhammad Aqeel Awan

Economy: Boom or Bust
By: Dr. Rashid Amjad

An eye opener for educators
By: Ms. Tehniat Tirmizi

Steps to water sustainability
By: Ms. Anum Malik

Vicious Cycle of Environmental Degradation
By:  Ms.Tehniat Tirmizi


An undervalued economy
By: Dr. Rashid Amjad

Mass transit projects increasing air pollution in Lahore
By: Fariya Hashmat

A question of autonomy
By: Muhammad Aqeel Awan

A disaster in the making
By: Ahmad Bilal Tiwana